The Team


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The Professionals

Name Area of Expertise
Dr. Sharon Richens Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Eye Physician, iLASIK, Cataract, Cornea & Glaucoma Surgeon
Dr. Shawno E. May Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Eye Physician, iLASIK & Cataract Surgeon
Dr. Michael Teske Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Macular & Retinal Disease, Vitreoretinal Surgery
Dr. Rachael Jacoby Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Macular & Retinal Disease, Vitreoretinal Surgery
Dr. Kristin Tarbet Board Certified Oculoplastic, Orbital & Facial Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Reed Gibb Optometrist
Dr. Joshua Terry Optometrist
Bonnie Wood Medical PA (Physician Assistant)
Megan Mooney Low Vision Specialist/td>
Brian Gerritsen Low Vision Specialist

Administrative Support Titles
Kelly Clayton Practice Administrator, COE (Certified Ophthalmic Executive)
Jennifer Woodland Chief Financial Officer
Donna Childs Marketing, PR Director
Jill Lukes Office Manager
Dar Rutherford Patient Reception, Scheduling & Checkout

Cheyenne French

Patient Reception, Scheduling & Checkout
Rachel Kelly Patient Reception, Scheduling & Checkout
Bandera Carlton Patient Reception, Scheduling & Checkout

Medical Support What They Do
Valerie Parkinson Surgical Coordinator, Refractive Specialist
Cheryl Cordner Surgical Coordinator Assistant
Lisa Hepworth Head Technician – COT (Certified Ophthalmic Technician)
Karen Bielik Head Technician – COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant)
Kami Emerson COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant)
Jason Garcia MA, COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant)
Makayla Leavitt COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant)
Vicky Empey Ophthalmic Assistant
Marissa Petralia Ophthalmic Assistant
Trevor Iverson Ophthalmic Assistant
Shannon Fitch Ophthalmic Assistant
Colleen Slattery Ophthalmic Assistant
Nate Nyberg Ophthalmic Assistant
Joshua Gibb Ophthalmic Assistant

Billing & Insurance Titles
Leann McCage Billing Specialist
Claudia Clayton Billing Specialist
Annalee Richens Billing Office, Patient Affairs